Philippe Malouin

Philippe Malouin is a Canadian designer based in London. He holds a BA in Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and qualifications from the École National Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Paris and the University of Montreal.

He set up his studio in 2009 after working for English designer Tom Dixon. He is also the director of POST-OFFICE, the architectural and interiors design practice. His diverse portfolio includes tables, rugs, chairs, lights, art objects and installations. Recently Philippe won the W Hotels ‘Designer of the Future’ Award and the Wallpaper ‘Best Use of Material’ Award.

In his collaboration with 1882 Ltd he has created analogue 3d printer, using low technology in order to create a range of bone china plates, dishes, bowls and cups. The analogue 3d printer creates shapes that cannot be designed. by hand or computer. Only movement, imperfection and randomised material deposition form the china pieces. The shapes formed are carefully utilised and transformed into functional china pieces.