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1882 Ltd’s mantra still remains the same – beautifully crafted and designed ceramics, all hand made in Stoke On Trent, the home of the Potteries.

Due to the level of workmanship involved in some of our collections and the desire to make them affordable, we have decided to offer them for sale on our website only.

The wonderful Phillippe Malouin and ‘Dunes’, as well as the ever talented Alan Hughes and the Japanese simplicity of ‘Gashu’.

Dunes, by Philippe Malouin

Dunes is a stunning collection of fine bone china tableware featuring skillfully hand-crafted plates and bowls from one of the design world’s most applauded new talents. Slip-cast from plaster models, the collection maximises Malouin’s beautifully minimalistic patterns through analogue 3D printing. The analogue 3d printer made by Malouin, creates shapes that cannot be designed by hand or computer. Only movement, imperfection and randomised material deposition form the pieces. The shapes formed are carefully utilised and transformed into functional china pieces, highlighting the skill of the craftsman and creating a collection that wonderfully exemplifies its title of – ‘Dunes.’

Gashu, by Alan Hughes

Continuing his passion for design and art, Hughes has created a bowl that highlights the juxtaposition of material with the fragility of form. Gashu – Japanese for elegance, artist and painter – is a fine bone china demi- sphere held that balances on its own accord while remaining fully functional.

The dipping bowl in the ‘Dunes’ collection is one of my favourite pieces and as much as I have stated the simplicity of Gashu – the wibbly wobbly bowl may not be a term Alan Hughes would relish but it makes serving a salad much more entertaining.