Notes from a Master Potter – Chris Johnson – May 2015

The two other sons of Robert were Henry and Alfred.
Alfred’s tenure in the company was short lived as he decided to branch out and started a sanitary ware factory in Queenborough in Kent which was very successful.
Henry’s contribution to the company was somewhat mixed and he increasingly became something of a dreamer although his lifestyle belied the fact – he had a particular penchant for Rolls Royce’s. He had four sons, one killed in the First World War, three who came into the ceramic business. Robert ran a subsidiary company,Johnson Fireclay, but inherited the family’s love of alcohol and died very young as a result; Grindley was asked to leave as factory life was not for him and he became a parson ( and an amateur wrestler )and Frank Garnett who followed in his father’s footsteps and did little to enhance the development of the business and preferred to spend the time enjoying the fruits of others.
As in all family businesses, the successful development of Johnson Brothers in the early decades of the 20th Century was due to the abilities of one or two driven members.