Notes from a Master Potter – Chris Johnson – February 2015

It has been an interesting experience to start as a young family member into the family  business straight from school working under a chairman whose mantra was ” when I am right I am right; when I am wrong I am right”!
Indeed the history of my old company has been littered with both brilliant,extraordinary and downright incapable characters.
My great great grandfather, Robert, was of farming stock in Staffordshire who was fortunate enough to marry into wealth. He was very successful and begat a large family which included four sons. With his fortune he bought a bankrupt pottery in Stoke on Trent and installed two sons, Frederick and Henry to run it.  They were so successful Robert’s other two sons joined them several years later, Alfred and Robert.
In very short order they built three further factories to satisfy demand. North America became a vitally important part of their business so much so Robert, a brilliant marketeer and salesman, left to live in New York.
The next generation proved to be an interesting mix of talent or lack of it.