Notes from the Master Potter – Chris Johnson April 2016

Robert was another prolific father and had eleven children of which eight were boys,two who died at an early age. There was an agreement amongst the founders that no more than two sons ( later to be broken ) would join the original Johnson Brother Company. Robert split the six brothers into three sets – Ernest and Lewis went into Johnson’s, Stuart and Frank into Alfred Meakin which he had bought from a Meakin cousin and Harry and Alfred into H and R Johnson a Wall Tile Maufacturer he invested in. In essence it was a very sensible move but in reality he put the wrong brothers together. Ernest loathed Lewis with a passion, Stuart and Frank were two much of a kind and Harry had a grave mistrust of Alfred. Ernest had a great relationship with Alfred – indeed the two brothers married two American sisters and were enormous friends. It is interesting to reflect the outcomes of the different companies if the brothers had been teamed up differently.