Notes from a Master Potter – Chris Johnson – March 2015

Robert returned from America to develop sales throughout the country at the turn of the century.

He was an inspirational figure and undoubtedly was responsible for the phenomenal growth of the business.  His alcoholic intake was legendary as indeed was his regular trip home.  His faithful lodge man put him into his trap and his pony took him back through the traffic as Robert slept.  It is not surprising that he died comparatively young.

Robert had six sons and he realised that it was impossible to have all six coming into the company.  Ernest and Lewis joined Johnson Bros.  He set up the ceramic tile company H and R Johnson in 1902 and installed Harry and Alfred.  In 1908 he bought Alfred Meakin, an Earthenware manufacturer, from his cousin Alfred Meakin and handed the company to his other sons Stuart and Frank.

What a man, what an incredible entrepreneur, what a legacy.