Notes from the Master Potter – Chris Johnson – November 2014

The various Johnson’s who were involved over the initial years of the company’s history were an extraordinary mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Of the three founding brothers Frederick was the first to learn the arts of the Potter and became very accomplished in the craft.  Henry made a significant contribution but became somewhat of a dreamer. He was well known to the local ” down and outs ” waiting for him at the factory gates handing out half-crowns as he came and left.

The fourth brother Alfred decided to do his own thing and set up a successful sanitary manufacturing company in Queenborough in Kent.

Frederick had two sons who joined the business and five daughters. Victor was an eccentric and insisted in riding his horse around the factory in Tunstall. He drank himself to death at the age of 35.  Herbert’s abilities in the business were as nothing to his amorous appetite with a number of girls on the factory floor which resulted in him contracting syphilis at an early age, marrying his nurse and similarly dying young.

Of Henry more shortly….