Notes from the Master Potter – Chris Johnson – October 2014

My father, James, was a fantastic teacher. He unstintingly gave his knowledge to all those who were as passionate about the ceramics business he so dearly loved.  He was not jealous of the successes of others, indeed he thrived on their achievements as it expanded understanding.

He loved having a coterie of young trainees around him, always enthusing and supportive.

He understood all too clearly the vital role of training and education in developing a successful and thriving business.  Indeed, such was the reputation of the management he trained  throughout the industry that they were much sought after. Interestingly, when he retired there was hardly any competitor who did not have their manufacturing run by one of his ” young “.

I recall he instituted regular loss meetings weekly with his team. He used to be a great pipe smoker and billowed smoke which could be seen from afar. On one occasion at one of these meetings, he had put too much tobacco into the pipe bowl which resulted in the evacuation of the room as his shirt and handkerchief caught fire – meetings were never dull.