‘Reptile Triptych’ by Nicholas Hughes

‘Reptile Triptych’ by Nicholas Hughes for 1882 Ltd.

A set of hand carved tiles composed of 3 elements.

The Reptile Triptych represents a meeting of industrial techniques with the freedom of hand drawing. Using a modern approach the triptych has architectural value in both use and quality.

The figurative hand carved design links over three pieces and can be arranged in several different configurations to form decorative panels of earthenware, in vast and varying repeats.

True to the handmade nature of slip casting, the design is produced by one of the few  remaining manufacturing industries in Britain; The Potteries of Stoke-On-Trent, where clay “slip” flows through its veins. A hands on technique in a high-tech age.

Hand carved directly into the mould using a modified primitive tool, simple repetitive gestures create form and character and satisfy the innate need to read pattern.

Colouration is achieved using a copper reactive glaze. At such high firing temperatures natural colour irregularities are produced and celebrated, as the underlying copper-reactive crystals burst through the surface glaze.

The whole design process was developed over 12 months and is very much a conversation between the contemporary language of the artist with the traditional experiences of The Potters.

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