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The Apple Tree

with Barnaby Barford

1882 Ltd. collaborated with Barnaby Barford to create a series of fine bone china apples which took pride of place on The Apple Tree. The large-scale sculpture was the focal point of Barford’s exhibition ‘MORE MORE MORE’ which presented a culmination of the artist’s investigation into society’s incessant need for more and the detrimental effect it has on us as individuals, as a community, and on the planet. On display earlier this year at the David Gill Gallery, ‘MORE MORE MORE’ continued Barford’s exploration of the politics of happiness but with a new source of inspiration: the Apple – nature’s ancient, primary object onto which we have long projected our myriad fears and desires.

Our incessant need for more… I asked myself is this a modern day construct or is this something inside us that has been there forever?

Barnaby Barford