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with Martino Gamper & Friends

Tiago Almeida, Lars Frideen, Max Frommeld, Martino Gamper, Faudet Harrison, Gemma Holt, Jochen Holz, Max Lamb, Will Shannon, Silo Studio, Harry Thaler, Bethan Laura Wood.

In the game of consequence, a person is drawn in segments by a group of players on a piece of paper.

The paper is folded after each part is drawn by a different person. This way, later participants cannot see earlier portions. At the end of the game, the paper is unfolded and the entire humorous drawing is revealed to all.

For Exquisite by 1882 Ltd., 12 designers conceived an earthenware teapot in a similar fashion. Each limited edition set includes a teapot and 12 unique mugs, each one designed by a single studio.