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The Icon Collection brings together the art and design world’s most respected and renowned designers and studios, known for their devotion to purity, process or form.

Limited edition, large in scale and complexity, the Icon Collection is a testament to industrial craft skills and ethos embraced by 1882 Ltd..

1882 Ltd.’s mission is to champion inventively designed ceramics whilst employing the manufacturing heritage of Stoke-on-Trent and promoting the British ceramic industry.

Artists and designers include John Pawson, Paul Smith, Barnaby Barford and Bruce McLean.

Included in the Icon Collection are exhibitions and installations such as awe-inspiring Tower of Babel with Barnaby Barford at the V&A in 2015 and Garden Ware with Bruce McLean that was at the V&A in 2017.

Tryst with Amy J Hughes is part of the permanent collection of the V&A as well as some of the pieces that formed the Tower of Babel by Barnaby Barford.

Big Vase 1 & 2

with Max Lamb

You can never have too many flowers. The question is how big can the vase be? Big Vase starts life as a solid block of plaster that is hand carved by hammer and chisel into the shape of the vase. A three-part hollow mould is created from the carved plaster form allowing multiple vases to be slip-cast in fine bone…


Boned in England

with 1882 Ltd

Boned in England was a collection of repeat fine bone china lights hand crafted in the North Staffordshire Potteries. Multiples of bisque and rumbled single white vessels contain diffused illumination creating a topography of light, emphasising the importance of British industry’s progression and future.


Cast Bowl

with John Pawson

Cast Bowl is conceived as a quiet landscape in ceramic. Glazed in the palest of hues, the play of light and shadow generates endless small shifts of tone across its contours. The piece draws on a particular set of architectural preoccupations – with proportion, line, volume and the precise way in which mass engages with an underlying surface – combining…


Festival Jug

with Pinch

This hand painted jug takes five arduos hours to paint and forms part of our Icon Collection. Painted by Emma Bailey who used to work at Wedgwood hand decorating Clarice Cliff, this is again testament to the skill that resides in Stoke-on-Trent. Festival Jug involves generous and curvaceous forms paired with exaggerated ratios delivered via handles and spouts. The shapes…


Garden Ware Vessels

with Bruce McLean

Acclaimed conceptual artist Bruce McLean debuted a vast new body of work titled Garden Ware which was on exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum for the London Design Festival 2017. The collection includes one-off earthenware creations by Bruce, including vases, bowls, platters as well as tableware.



with Barnaby Barford

ME WANT NOW is a body of work by Barnaby Barford that compels the viewer to question their relationships and the world around them. Large scale energetic Word Drawings, offer a departure from the meticulous planning, order and structure of Barford’s sculptural works. These Word Drawings embody the chaotic immediacy and almost forceful nature of the ‘me first’ mentality and…


Penny Vase

with Martyn Thompson

Forming part of the Icon Collection the Penny Vases stands true to the ethos of the collection, large in scale, complex to make and limited in number – each vase is exceptional and unique. Working with a hand thrower in Stoke-on-Trent we have pushed the bounds of the thrown pot. The vases are left to dry for 6 weeks and…


Positive & Negative

with Snarkitecture

The concept for this collaboration with Snarkitecture was to reveal aspects of the technical process used to create fine bone china. While Positive reflects the simple geometry of a cylindrical vase, Negative brings to life the mould that is used in the creation of the first piece. Normally unseen, the box-like volume is impressed with exactly one half of its…



with Paul Smith

Stack is a series of unique, conceptually complex vases designed with Paul Smith  that form part of the Icon Collection. Each piece in the Stack Collection is unique making each Stack a work of art. Stack is a special series of vessels – appearing as a stack of plates, yet functioning as a vase, with each ‘plate’ hand glazed in…


The Apple Tree

with Barnaby Barford

1882 Ltd. collaborated with Barnaby Barford to create a series of fine bone china apples which took pride of place on The Apple Tree. The large-scale sculpture was the focal point of Barford’s exhibition ‘MORE MORE MORE’ which presented a culmination of the artist’s investigation into society’s incessant need for more and the detrimental effect it has on us as individuals,…


Tower of Babel

with Barnaby Barford

The Tower of Babel is composed of 3,000 individual bone china buildings, each measuring 10-13cm tall and depicting a real London shop. Barford has photographed over 6,000 shop fronts in the process of making the Tower, cycling over 1,000 miles to visit every postcode in London. The photographs were created as ceramic transfers and fired onto fine bone china to…



with Amy J Hughes

Industry meets the studio maker head-on in this collaborative project between ceramicist Amy Jayne Hughes, the V&A and 1882 Ltd. Aiming to restore the humble vase to its former status as the Ultimate Accessory, the collection elevates the functional object to a design motif and a symbol of the ancient world… Amy Jayne Hughes was the V&A Ceramics Resident from…