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London-based Max Lamb was born in Cornwall, England, an upbringing that imbued him with a love of nature and a creative spirit which have manifested in his practice as designer and maker. He graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2006, was named Designer of the Future at Design Miami/Basel in 2008 and continues to both produce and exhibit his work internationally.

Max is known for creating beautifully crafted pieces that have materials and traditional processes at their core. He looks to design products that stimulate dialogue between maker, product and user through a visual simplicity that effectively communicates the obvious.

Crockery, a collection of fine bone china tableware cast from moulds carved by Lamb, is testament to his maxim to use materials honestly and processes transparently, to give both their own voice rather than impose his aesthetic.


For their debut at 3daysofdesign 2024, 1882 Ltd will be showing for the first time their latest collaboration with British furniture designer, Max Lamb – Crockery Pink – a full, open edition collection of tableware and limited edition Big Vase. Crockery Pink reimagines the rough, hewn texture of the Crockery collections with bold colours, contrasting the functionality with vibrancy and joy.

1882 Ltd. champions inventively designed ceramic products from lighting to domestic ware to works of art whilst employing the manufacturing heritage of Stoke-on-Trent and promoting the British ceramic industry.

Our ceramics are to be used, loved and desired and to bring enjoyment be it in dining and decorative objects to lighting and art pieces. Each collection has a different spirit but they always stay true to our core beliefs.

There is incredible human skill in everything we do and we focus on the process as well as the design. There are no less than 10 processes to make a mug, all of which require great human skill. While we are keen to show the processes behind how something is made we value the importance of good design and superlative quality that will last the test of time. We are prepared to test the bounds of the material. We make what we love.