• 1882 Ltd. Candles

    Celebrating our differences 1882 Ltd. launches it’s first collection of candles with Max Lamb, Bethan Gray, Snarkitecture and Bruce McLean. The vessels are all so very different highlighting the brilliance of design and making synonymous with 1882 Ltd..

    Candle Collection 1882
  • Big Vase 1 & 2

    You can never have too many flowers. The question is how big can the vase be? Big Vase starts life as a solid block of plaster that is hand carved by hammer and chisel into the shape of the vase. A three-part hollow mould is created from the carved plaster form allowing multiple vases to be slip-cast in fine bone china or black earthenware for Black Vase 1 & 2.

  • Crockery Black

    1882 Ltd.’s interpretation of black basalt; equal in richness to the redy brown black developed back in 1766 by Josiah Wedgwood. After eighteen months of development Crockery Black with Max Lamb has been remastered in black basalt.

    Crockery Black Banner
  • Crockery Pink

    A collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast from plaster models carved by hand, with a glazed interior for functionality and a raw exterior reflecting the textured surface of the plaster original.

    The Crockery Pink collection by Max Lamb | 1882 Ltd
  • Crockery White

    A collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast from plaster models carved by hand, with glazed interior for functionality and raw exterior reflecting the modest surface texture of the plaster original. The process of slip-casting begins with the creation of a three-dimensional model of the design known as a master by a professional model-maker, from which the production mould is cast.

    Crockery White Thumbnail
Max Lamb

Max Lamb

London-based Max Lamb was born in Cornwall, England, an upbringing that imbued him with a love of nature and a creative spirit which have manifested in his practice as designer and maker. He graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2006, was named Designer of the Future at Design Miami/Basel in 2008 and continues to both produce and exhibit his work internationally.

Max is known for creating beautifully crafted pieces that have materials and traditional processes at their core. He looks to design products that stimulate dialogue between maker, product and user through a visual simplicity that effectively communicates the obvious.

Crockery, a collection of fine bone china tableware cast from moulds carved by Lamb, is testament to his maxim to use materials honestly and processes transparently, to give both their own voice rather than impose his aesthetic.